Battery Wraps 18650 5pc

Battery Wraps 18650 (5pc)

PVC shrink wrap in Star Wars design for 18650 batteries.

To replace worn or damaged wrappers of your 18650 battery.

Lot of 5 pieces

More details

  • Color: Star Wars
  • Color: Skulls
  • Star Wars
  • Skulls

More info

Never use an open flame for the application of the shrink wrap due to the risk of explosion!

To shrink use a hair dryer. The shrinkage temperature of the PVC shrink wrap is 80 ° C.

First remove the old foil. Place the shrink wrap around the battery with equal surplus on both sides (about 3mm). Make a spinning motion while heating the wrap with the hair dryer.


     Length 75mm
     Diameter 30mm
     Diameter after shrinking 18.5mm